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Train-to-Hire Program Promises to Change New Brunswick's Skyline, Socioeconomic Landscape

July 29, 2021 | TAPInto | Chuck O'Donnell

Dave Feliciano’s face lit up with pride as he tucked his diploma under his arm.

He had slung his jacket and tie over the back of his chair and was celebrating with his four daughters Wednesday after graduating from the Train-to-Hire program.

For 12 weeks, Feliciano and 10 other men drilled down on job-site safety. Things like electrical work and construction math were hammered home in the Elks Lodge-turned-classroom on Livingston Avenue.

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For Feliciano and the others who took part in the graduation ceremony at the New Brunswick Performing Arts Center, this day represents a chance to not only help build the state’s first free-standing cancer hospital and a three-story elementary school in the city, but also a chance to rebuild their lives.