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Presenting the 2022 NJBIZ Power 100

February 21, 2022 |

The COVID-19 pandemic has dominated public life in New Jersey for nearly two years. Businesses and government agencies at all levels have been forced to account for the virus before making nearly any decision. And with good reason – halting the pandemic was the most important task to not only protect public health but also to keep the economy growing.

Is it time now to look beyond COVID-19 and consider what the state’s priorities should be in a post-pandemic world? The answer, as readers should see reflected in the latest NJBIZ Power 100 list, is a cautious yes.

Have we been here before? Of course. New Jerseyans have on several occasions believed the pandemic was over. Delta and omicron quickly disabused most residents of that notion. And new Greek letters could set us back again. And again. Hence the caution.

But business leaders and public officials – like most residents – cannot wait for some sort of cosmic “all clear.” It’s time to move on – carefully, yes – but with confidence we can prevent the catastrophe that befell the state in 2020.



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